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How to Become a Savvy Wedding Pro, Book Your Dream Brides and Run Your Wedding Business with Confidence, Clarity and Joy (in just 42 days using my proven success lab formula) 


While having the time to do other mundane things like eating, breathing and living. (Yes I see you and your 60 hour weeks!)


You can replace the overwhelm with a plan of action, quit hustling for little return and make some new biz besties along the way


Spending years trying to work out what you should be doing in your biz to get results or remortgaging your house to pay for it.

Want to know what’s inside? 

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Hey, you Savvy Wedding Pro you!
I’m Donna, founder of Savvy Wedding Pro, a Tea (and Gin) Loving, Occasional Netflix Binging, Wedding Stylist and Mum of 2.
Since escaping the corporate world over 9 years ago I have worked in the wedding industry and now also help other committed Savvy Wedding Pro’s grow their wildly successful wedding businesses.
If that sounds good to you, you can let out a big sigh of relief and breath easy knowing you are in the right place exactly when you need to be.

I feel like I have just by-passed years of ‘figuring it out’ and jumped straight into running my business like a pro! In addition to a 400% increase in enquiries, 80% of those enquiries are converting and I am now fully booked with weddings for 2018! A heartfelt thank you to the amazing Donna for providing SO much value. Charlotte Goss - Rebel Cakes
Charlotte Goss
Owner of Rebel Cakes
My journey in the wedding industry started in 2009, when following the birth of my first child Eve, I decided to escape the corporate life and run my own business in the wedding industry!  I absolutely loved the freedom and creativity it gave me, and the excitement and joy that can be found in the wonderful world of weddings. I had a renewed passion for my work and achieving success on my terms and with hard work quickly replaced my corporate wage. 
However, things weren’t all plain sailing. The industry was changing and it was getting harder to get bookings following the recession in an ever busy market place where price was becoming the deciding factor. I was burnt out, under-paid, overwhelmed and considering going back to the corporate world I had so longed to escape…….
 After a particularly bad day when I felt so frustrated with how things were going and with a severe lack of sleep (at the time I had a baby who preferred daytime sleeping!) I had a moan (and to be honest a big old cry) to my sister who asked me,
 “Donna, how long are you going to carry on like this?”
Shocked it dawned on me in that moment that I couldn’t.  Something had to change. 
So I decided there and then to turn things round.
A few years and several thousand pounds later I have done just that. I invested in myself and my business big time with coaching, mentoring and training, and it made all the difference. My business replaced my corporate salary, I had a glowing reputation for my styling work and customer service, and was a finalist for several awards along the way (including “Franchisee Of The Year UK 2018”).
And I also had a life again and took holidays in the summer during peak season (something that once felt utterly impossible!)
I now teach what I have learnt in my unique style with my spin on what I have learnt along the way so you don’t have to spend thousands of £’s and years getting there.
I hate seeing people struggle and helping others succeed is my big “why” and what lights me up every day!

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Does any of this sound familiar:

You think you know who your ideal client is but they don’t see to know about you.

You find yourself second guessing where the heck you’re going wrong with your marketing plan. You know you’re in the more “spray and pray” marketing camp rather than having a strategy with clear goals.

You’re great at doing the thing you love, the thing you are oh so passionate about, but the business and marketing side you’re not so confident on.

Hearing “crickets” when you send out responses to leads is so disheartening. Why don’t they reply?!

You’re spending evenings and weekends working on your website and products/services. Everywhere you look people are Instagramming their amazing and successful businesses and, well, it just feels so unachievable for you right now. You feel stuck and every week rolls by without much changing.

I know how it feels to be seriously overwhelmed and to be spinning plates without the clarity of knowing how to move forward and what to focus on first. I know how it feels to dream about that day when you work with ideal clients who value you and your service. 

No more time wasting price shoppers. 

No more spending hours putting bespoke quotes together to only hear the fatal words ” I went with someone else”.  

A limited no. of PLACES!

What if you could...

Run your wedding business with confidence, clarity and a renewed focus. Adios overwhelm!

Define and Attract your ideal clients with ease (without spending hours scratching your head, trying to guess who they are!)

Get a marketing plan in place to get visible and in front of your dream clients.

Have an A-Z client blueprint to take your couples from the first enquiry to raving fan’s!

Be a productivity ninja by creating repeatable workflows and systems to free up hours every week so you can concentrate on doing the work you love.

Have time for your loved ones as well as your work.

Build a profitable and sustainable wedding business that works for YOU!

SO, here is what I have been cooking up just for you...

**cue dramatic music**


I have put together a 6-week signature course covering everything you need to do to get your wedding business launched and set up for success.

 Investing in this course is going to be the best thing you can do to empower yourself with the tools to begin and achieve success on your terms on your new businesses journey, with me holding your hand all the way to make sure you take action and grow your business. 

Here's what We'll COVEr

In this 6 week signature course here are just some of the things we will cover:

  • Module 1 - Set up for Success.
    We will look at ensuring your mindset is set for success, determine your goals and what you want to achieve. We'll break down any limiting beliefs, work out your "why" and put in place a foundational starting point for you. You'll be raring to get going and excited about the possibilities out there for you!
  • Module 2 - Ideal Client Magnet.
    Are you struggling to define, let alone find and get to know your ideal clients? Here we hone in on who your ideal client is so you can effectively reach and attract them to your business. No more spray and pray marketing and hoping someone, (anyone!) gets in touch. This is the essential foundation for planning your marketing strategy.
  • Module 3 - Marketing 101.
    If all the elements of marketing give you major overwhelm this module is for you! We will look at the marketing methods that are right for you to help you attract ideal clients with ease and repel the price shoppers. We will look at how you can get visible, look at communicating the benefits V's features of your business, building that crucial know, like and trust as well as blogging and email marketing.
  • Module 4 - Bride & Groom Roadmap.
    Does every client experience the exact same journey with you when they come into contact and then book? Creating a consistent booking process and customer journey is key to having high client satisfaction. In this module we get a process in place and cover the crucial elements you need to include. We will also look at Client Relationship management systems to help you run your business with less hours spend doing admin!
  • Module 5 - Non Icky Sales!
    Do you hate selling? I know I did. Let me teach you how to create a sales process that feels in line with your brand and what you stand for. One that attracts clients to you and makes them want to book in confidence with you. We'll also produce a magnetic sales pdf to send out to leads which will get them as excited as a kid at Christmas at the thought of working with you!
  • Module 6 - Communication & Templates
    Do you find yourself writing the same emails again and again. What a time suck that is! Unsure what to write in your client communication, how to chase up leads (should you even chase?) and all those other emails. I'll share my templates with you so you can communicate with leads and clients with ease. I also throw in some bonus Canva templates for you to use in your marketing as well as a Canva tutorial! AND IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH, ON THIS LAUNCH I'M INCLUDING...........
  • BONUS NO.1. "Success at Wedding Fairs". Wedding fairs can be expensive. Let me show you the best way to get a good return on your investment.
  • BONUS NO.2. "Facebook Ads". I'll show you how to set up your first Facebook ad and get over your fear of the ads manager!
  • BONUS NO.3. "SEO Masterclass". Learn what Search Engine Optimisation is, how to check and improve your performance as well as a list of FREE tools and resources to help you get your SEO en pointe! This one class on it's own is pure "gold" helping drive that all important traffic to my students websites.

Here's what you'll get

This course can (and will) book you more brides and grooms, earn you more income and give you more balance in your life so you can finally break free from your soul sucking 9-5, and start making money doing something you love. Here is what else you get:

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  • Downloadable worksheets with actionable content to implement and run alongside the weekly lessons.
  • Weekly coaching calls with myself so you can ask all the questions you like and where I will give you equal measures of hand holding and butt kicking to get you results.
  • Video tutorials you can refer to at your pace. You'll want to go over the "golden nuggets" of information again and again!
  • A Secret Facebook Group for students where you can share your wins, ask advice and get support throughout the 6 weeks.
The Wedding Business Success Lab course has been amazing for me! Without this course I probably would have just carried on as normal being unhappy in a full time role and trying to keep my business going but Donna made it possible by offering such intelligence on how to run a successful wedding business with all the support you could need. I can honestly say it has been the most informative course and I’ll be sad to finish it but will be referring back to it again and again!
Sian Chaplin
Chaplin Events

Are you ready to say no to overwhelm, trying to work it out on your own, feeling defeated by the end of each day and embarrassed when people ask how your business is going?

Instead imagine waking up excited to take on the day with a clear plan, leads and bookings rolling in and knowing you’re an action taker ready to work “on” rather than “in” your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
The course starts Monday 2nd July and each subsequent module is released every Monday. We will also have a weekly group coaching call for an hour where you can ask me any questions.

How does the weekly coaching work?
You will access the online coaching through a software called Crowdcast. A link will be sent and you just click on to see and hear me and chat about any questions you have. These will last approximately 1 hour. You can submit questions in advance and access the replay if you can’t make it live.

I’m not sure I have time right now?
Honestly, is there ever a right time? Don’t hold yourself back from taking action, you can do this! I do however understand that life happens but with lifetime access you can pick up and implement whenever suits you.

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Is there a guarantee?
Yes I am so confident in the content that if you do all the work, show me the filled in worksheets and decide you are not getting anything from the course I will refund you in full up to 15 days after launch.

Can I share these lessons?
No, the content is for you and your eyes only, however if you know someone who would love it feel free to tell them all about it for the next round!

Is there life time access?
Of course! Refer to this again and again at your pace for the lifetime of the course.

Will there be a Facebook Group?
Yes there will be a secret group for members only where you can ask questions and share your wins!

I just finished a coaching call with Donna and I couldn’t be more excited. It was exactly what I needed. She went through my website and my current situation and gave me specific tips and action steps to take in order to reach my goals. I’m super excited to put them into practice. Plus, I was a little unmotivated lately because I wasn’t attracting as much as I wanted, but now thanks to her support and nice words I feel I’m back on track! 
I totally recommend you working with her if you need a boost of energy and clever custom tips to move forward with your business!

Claudia Orengo

1-1 Coaching

Accessing the Wedding Business Success Lab course has been one of the best decisions I have EVER made- it has resulted in a REAL game changer for me.

Having felt incredibly overwhelmed, spinning many different plates, not only within my business but with family life as well, I can GENUINELY say that this course has provided me with clarity and invaluable information to help me streamline and direct my business towards my ideal clients -resulting in less time wasted and a more enjoyable work-life balance.

I cannot thank Donna enough for sharing her experiences, expertise and suggestions both in the online course content and weekly coaching calls.

Donna’s genuine passion for helping others and sharing her wisdom was really inspiring. It was so reassuring to know that there was always someone on hand to answer your questions or provide a little direction in a competitive marketplace.

Her unique ability to create an interactive, friendly atmosphere on our group coaching calls and yet gave each of us a personal approach to our businesses made this a truly invaluable experience.

I cannot thank you enough!!!!!! Highly recommended for those who want to transform their business and take it to the next level!

Natalie Crooks

My Little Cakery

“The Wedding Business Success Lab course has been amazing for me and I can’t thank Donna enough.

I feel so positive about turning my business into a long term career and not just a hobby. My confidence has improved massively which is a huge deal for me! Without this course I probably would have just carried on as normal being unhappy in a full time role and trying to keep my business going.

Donna makes it possible by offering such intelligence on how to run a successful wedding business with all the support you could need and I learnt so much about sales and marketing to enabled me to really think about who my ideal client is and how to appeal to them.

I would just like to say a huge thank you for everything! Your continued support is amazing and I feel like I have learnt so much.

I can honestly say it has been the most informative course and I’ll be sad to finish it but will be referring back to it again and again!”

Sian Chaplin

Chaplin Events

A limited no. of PLACES!

And did I mention it is only £497 (OR x2 payments of £250) for this launch! It will NEVER be this crazy cheap again….like EVER! 
Do it right now lest you forget or get distracted by that Netflix box set….because you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out! 


My name is Donna Wojtas (pronounced Voytas)

….don’t worry everyone asks!

And I’ve been running my wedding business for over 8 years as well as training others in the industry for the last 4.

I want to share with you information that has taken me years and thousands of pounds to discover. 

I teach what you need to know to get your business attracting and booked up with ideal clients that love what you do and end up as raving fans… 


This is for you if...

  • You have drive, determination and are prepared to put the work in and implement what you learn!
  • You want to get access to a community for help and support. Ever heard that you are the average of the seven people you spend the most time with? (I love that quote, so true!)
  • You have talents to share with the world but need help implementing them in a fast and effective way.

This is not for you if...

  • You are expecting me to do the work for you. This course is not a magic wand that you wave to achieve immediate success. You have to show up every week and implement!
  • You don't see the need to invest money in yourself and your business. You know all this stuff already and are happy chugging along as you are.
  • You like to figure things out on your own and are in no rush.


Instead imagine waking up excited to take on the day with a clear plan, leads and bookings rolling in and knowing you’re an action taker ready to work “on” rather than “in” your business.


Limited special offer launch

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