Top 5 marketing mistakes to avoid when starting your wedding business

If you are launching a new wedding business you’ll be wanting to make yourself visible and start bringing those customers in asap.

I get it…you’re excited to get out there and wow everyone with your fabulous products and service!

However, before you go out there and blow your budget read my advice below on the top 5 marketing mistakes to avoid when you are starting your wedding business.

1. Spending a fortune on lots of wedding fairs.  

Hold your horses! You do not need to attend every big wedding fair out there. Wedding fairs can be expensive so take time to think about the fairs your ideal clients will be more likely to attend.

Don’t get me wrong wedding fairs can be a great opportunity to introduce yourself to venues, find clients and make relationships with other suppliers.  By all means, attend some wedding fairs and get visible, but, to start with don’t buy a huge stand at a national fair that will set you back some serious money! Just think how many bookings you’d need to cover the cost let alone make a profit.

Take the time to get to know your market and find out who your ideal clients are and where they are more likely to be.

2. Capturing your leads and not taking the time to build value and follow up with them.

Dishing out a business card to a couple and assuming they will contact you if they want to buy is not the way to go. Think how you feel when someone you don’t know shoves a card into your hand without offering any value or getting to know you. I’m guessing it goes in the bin without another thought.

You will need to build know, like and trust first for them to eventually become clients.

To stay top of mind capture your leads information and follow up with valuable and helpful emails. A basic email marketing campaign is essential to keep in touch and remind them of who you are and what you are offering.

If you don’t do this it is likely you will get forgotten in the pile of marketing materials they will collect during the wedding planning process.

3. Inconsistent branding.

Make sure your branding across your website, social media and other platforms is the same. Inconsistency will confuse your clients and makes you look unprofessional.

Use the same image for your headers and icons so people know it’s you straight away.

Don’t be shy, make sure your website and branding also includes images of you!

4. Being too similar to others.

In what can feel like a saturated market, it’s really important to find out what your product and service offers that is different to others in your niche.

You need to differentiate and stand out. Is there something unique about you and the way you work that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd?

Often the difference between you and your competitors is YOU! People buy from suppliers they know, like and trust so don’t forget to be visible and forge relationships with your clients, venues and suppliers.

5. Hiding behind your computer.

Sitting behind your desk and hoping clients will come flocking now you have a fabulous website is not going to get you booked out.

Get out there! It is so important to get visible. Network and get in front of venues, customers, and suppliers.

One final point is to make sure you invest in yourself and your business. Don’t try to figure out all this business and marketing stuff on your own!  It can be so time-consuming and costly. I see so many people throw money at ads and not get the return on investment.

Ask for help from others, and invest in courses and other experts that can help you reach your goals more quickly and with less heartache and less damage to your bank account too.

I hope you found these Top 5 marketing mistakes to avoid when starting your wedding business helpful! Let me know how you get on.

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Donna Wojtas

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I’m Donna and I’m just as passionate about the wedding industry as you are. I’m a Mum (read forced to work around the school run, swim classes and football training). I’m a dreamer (read hit with a million ideas a minute) and I love helping others create the business they dream of and deserve!

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