Hey and Welcome!

My name is Donna, the founder of Savvy Wedding Pro, a Tea (and Gin) loving, occasional Netflix binging, Wedding Stylist and Mum of 2. 

Since escaping the corporate world over 8 years ago I have worked in the wedding industry, running a successful styling business, and I now help other committed Savvy Wedding Pro’s grow profitable and sustainable wedding businesses of their own.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you’re looking for, you can let out a sigh of relief and breath easy knowing you are in the right place exactly at the time you need to be. 



My career started in the corporate world where I worked for many years developing accessories for high street retailers. Yep….mega handbag addict right here! 

Although from the outside it looked like I had an amazing job, I got to travel the world and worked for some amazing companies, but honestly, I felt stuck and trapped. I was emotionally and physically drained and I couldn’t see a way out and what I could do instead. 

I felt there had to be more to life and I just had the constant nagging feeling there was something more out there for me, but I didn’t know what.  I was also pregnant with my daughter Eve and had no idea how I could be around for her and work such long hours with travel thrown into the mix.

After a rough return to work following maternity leave, in 2009 I took a leap into the world of self-employment by purchasing a venue styling business in the wedding industry.  Super scary, but this was the first step to set me off on my entrepreneurial journey.  I found a new passion, loved my work and quickly replaced my corporate wage.

However things were not all plain sailing. The recession hit and I had my second child and I really struggled to keep up with the demands of a business and 2 children (one that never slept!) and my business suffered. I was burnt out, under-paid and considering going back to the corporate world I had so longed to escape. 

After a particularly bad day with months of no sleep (I had a baby who preferred daytime sleeping!) I had a moan (with some ugly crying thrown in) to my sister who asked me,

 “Donna, how long are you going to carry on like this?”

Shocked I realised that I absolutely couldn’t carry on like this. Something had to change and fast. I decided there and then to turn things round.

A few years and several thousand pounds later I have done just that. I have literally invested £1000’s on my growth with coaching and training and working with some amazing mentors. I learnt how to market myself effectively and be productive, as well as putting new systems in place to free up time to enjoy family life too and stop being a slave to my business. 

It made all the difference. My business got back on track financially, I had a glowing reputation for my styling work and customer service, and was a finalist for several awards along the way (including “Franchisee Of The Year UK 2018).

I also had a life again! I actually took holidays in the summer during peak season (something that once felt utterly impossible!)

I now teach what I have learnt over the years during my journey, in my unique and supportive style so you don’t have to spend thousands of £’s and years figuring it out alone.

I hate seeing people struggle and have a strong desire to help others succeed. This is my big “why” and seeing my students success is what lights me up! 

So if you want to take action and make your business work for you, let’s talk! I love to make new friends in the industry so drop me a line.

I can’t wait to see you reach new heights of success! 

Much Love, 

Donna x

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