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I’m Donna. Qualified coach & business strategist for creatives and wedding pros.

You’ll find me in beautiful Yorkshire with my husband Paul, 2 kids and cockapoo pup Bailey. I’m your Yorkshire Tea drinking, marketing loving, new biz bestie ready to help you catapult your wedding business success!

I help empower driven creatives and wedding professionals, just like you, with the strategy and mindset to attract and book clients you LOVE so you can get on doing the work you love without the overwhelm and crazy hours.

It’s time to make the income you deserve without the worry about where the next client is coming from, am i right?.

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my story

How I went from corporate life to helping hundreds of others grow their businesses.

In 2009 I finally took the plunge and left my corporate job to grow a wedding styling business. I was desperate to do work I loved and be around for my young family too.

A decade on and more than 700 weddings later I truly understand first hand just what it takes to create a business you love. And let me tell you it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows!

When I started out I did it all alone, thinking my degree and corporate experience would be all I needed. But boy was I wrong and that meant learning the hard and slow way. 

  • Struggling with the marketing and sales side of things.
  • Burnt out from doing “all the things” and working 24/7 with no systems in place.
  • Not having a strategy to stand out, attract and book my dream clients in a busy market. 

I felt stuck and frustrated...

I had created another job for myself (one that definitely didn’t reflect the hours I put in!) instead of gaining the income, freedom and flexibility I had dreamed of.

It wasn’t until I got a business mentor and put learning marketing and sales at the core of what I did that I turned things around. I realised that running a business meant stepping into the mindset of the CEO rather than an employee and putting marketing and sales at the forefront.

Which leads me to where I am today teaching and coaching others to create their dream business and life. Sharing the shortcuts and roadmap to get you to where you want to be quicker and with less pain.

I’m dedicated to helping you create the business and lifestyle you’ve always wanted (and deserve!)

Using a rare combination of both marketing and sales strategy with mindset support using my neuro-linguistic programming (in layman’s terms; empowering your mind for success!) training. 

A winning combination that empowers you to grow your business and stop feeling stuck so you can do the work you love AND earn the income you deserve.

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Create The Wedding Business You've Always Dreamed Of !

Does this sound like you?


You started your business so you could share your passion helping couples create their perfect day with your service, to earn a great living doing the thing you love, have more freedom and escape the 9-5.

But you’re spinning all the plates, not attracting and booking enough of your dream clients and are spread way too thin trying to do it all.

Quotations, invoicing, client consults, marketing, sales and keeping on top of the dreaded inbox.

AND you have to find the time to actually provide your service.

As for generating consistent leads I’m guessing at this point your marketing strategy is more ‘throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks” than attracting ideal leads consistently with a defined plan.

If you’re ready for someone, who’s already walked

your path and understands the nuances of the wedding industry, to help you fulfil the big vision you have for your business and life…. keep reading.

My mission is to help you attract and book your dream clients without the overwhelm and 60 hour weeks.

Did you know you can achieve success in your business WITHOUT…

– Relying on referrals from others (that can dry up in a second).

– Posting for hours every week on social media but feeling frustrated that your efforts don’t result in sales.

– Dropping your prices to compete with the “we loved your work but went with someone cheaper” comments.

– The frustration of trying to figure out what works to get your business booked out with clients you love and that value you.

– Working 24/7!

It's time to grow a business you love! I'm ready when you are.

“Donna was able to personally guide me to respond to leads so successfully that I nicknamed her the wedding whisperer.”


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