5 Signs You’ve Burnt Out This Wedding Season (and how to prevent it next year!)

Do you ever find yourself uttering the words “I’m feeling so burnt out right now!”

With the obvious seasonality in our industry we tend to have more peaks and troughs than other businesses.

I don’t know about you but I often think to myself, “I just need to get to the end of the year”! and then I’ll get that much needed respite. But then a flood of enquiries hits in January, closely followed by wedding fair season and I don’t feel quite as refreshed and ready to “go get em” as I imagined.

A couple of years ago I remember being so happy that I had delivered over 100 bookings that year. I’d achieved this working inside an area of just 2 postcodes.

Whilst this felt like a great business success, the flip side was, I had no time for myself of family. There were never enough hours in the day and I felt perpetually exhausted.  What happened to this so called “work/life balance”? Is there even such a thing?

I had no holiday to speak of. I felt like my kids were being passed from pillar to post. All of the holidays and their birthdays had both passed by (I have two August babies, not the best timing!). I wasn’t able to just live in the moment and enjoy it.

Everything had to fit around work. You’re always working Mummy (ugh Mummy guilt is the worst!) and “I never see you” comments from my husband rubbed salt into the wound even further!

I know I have a tendency to take on far too much. It’s definitely a “Virgo” trait and part of my personality that I always feel the need to over deliver and put everyone else before me.

However, one particularly bad day when I had a sobbing meltdown (not pretty!) I decided enough was enough and it was time to work on (rather than in) my business.

I needed to get off the road to burn out, implement and automate systems in my business and have those missed holidays with my family. After all that was my ‘why’ I’d left the corporate world!

Maybe you can relate with my story. If you recognise the below 5 signs you know it is time to take back control and stop being a slave to your business!

1) The anxiety dreams have taken hold!

Those dreams where you are stuck in traffic, you’ve missed a wedding, got the wrong date, forgotten stock, your camera has broken etc. etc. Argh! Those dreams are the worst, right?!

2) Social life….what’s that again?

You never get to invite friends/family over or attend any summer socials. In fact friends and family have just about given up inviting you to anything. Every one seems to be enjoying BBQ’s in their gardens or is posting holiday pics on Facebook. You’ve stopped looking as it’s too annoying that every one else is enjoying their summer whilst you’re up to your ears in work.  PJ’s and an early night with a netflix boxset are about all this exhausted wedding pro can manage.

3) You’re considering giving up.

Those thoughts about giving up and going back to the employed world you couldn’t wait to escape not that long ago have creeped in. Don’t feel alone with this thought. I’m sure we’ve all had them when we’re in the thick of it.

4) Every weekend you say to yourself…..I’m never taking on this much again! Next year will be different!

That is until next summer 😉

5) That to-do list is looking like the size of War and Peace.

The list of to-do’s feels never ending and you’ve given up trying to get to the bottom of it.

Any of this strike a chord with you?

I have gone through all of the above. Whilst I am still trying to get this whole work/life balance nailed, I am much more aware of what I can take on. I now have the systems and strategy in place that moves me and my business further forward to a happier and more balanced place. I really love to help others do the same.

How do you cope with the busy season whilst looking after yourself too? Share any strategies below, we’ll all appreciate it!

Donna Wojtas

Oh hey there!

I’m Donna and I’m just as passionate about the wedding industry as you are. I’m a Mum (read forced to work around the school run, swim classes and football training). I’m a dreamer (read hit with a million ideas a minute) and I love helping others create the business they dream of and deserve!

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