5 Reasons I Switched From Mailchimp To Flodesk

I talk a lot about why having an email marketing strategy is a really important element in your wedding business marketing to help you build know, like and trust and, crucially, win more clients! Unlike social media platforms, you also own your email list which gives you more control over how you stay in touch and get your ideal clients eyes on your business. When I first started out with email marketing I used Mailchimp. Its clever branding and,  I’ll be honest, the fact it was free, first got my attention. However whilst it did the job, it wasn’t the easiest to navigate, was challenging to set up and the constant changes just as you got to grips with it were frustrating.  Instead of looking forward to emailing my audience it was a chore and so I didn’t do it nearly enough. And then in stepped Flodesk!🤯 Flodesk blowed me away with it’s amazingly easy to use interface and stunning templates and I was impressed from the get go. The founders; Martha and Rebecca set out to create a platform that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to send beautiful emails that readers love to receive with no tech skills required and they did just that! I think they have achieved their mission beautifully and that’s why in this weeks blog I’m going to share the reasons I love it so much so that you can discover Flodesk for yourself! Let’s dig into the 5 reasons I made the switch…

1) Ease of use

Mailchimp if you’ve ever used it can leave you tearing your hair out with tags, lists and all the changes it seems to make. It’s pricing has changed recently too which ended up being confusing. Flodesk on the other hand is super easy to use plus they have templates you can swipe and personalise to build out various campaigns from a welcome series to a promotion. You can easily create what Flodesk call “workflows” which are basically automated email sequences to make your email marketing work for you 24/7. why i switched from mailchimp to flodesk

2) Easily Create Landing Pages

With Flodesk you can create beautiful, high converting landing pages for opt-ins to your lead magnet and segment your new subscribers with ease. No need to have a separate landing page software (saving you from expensive additional subscriptions. Hooray!)

3) Price

Flodesk is really affordable especially when compared to other solutions out there. Mailchimp’s price increases as your email audience size increases and to unlock all the features you need to pay more. Plus annoyingly with the free option you have the Mailchimp branded footer on which doesn’t make for a nice user experience. Flodesk on the other hand is one set price for ALL features whatever your audience size. Because they are currently in beta mode it’s really amazing value right now and with my link you can also get 50% off – making it just $19/month FOREVER. You can also take advantage of their 30 day free trial with this link so you can test it out…although I promise if you try it you’ll love it and never go back!

4) Support

Flodesk have a great support team and Facebook group so if you ever get stuck you can reach out to their team and get help. They also have a great FAQ page and video tutorials in their help area.

5) Design

This is a big one for me as I’m sure it is for you too! As wedding business owners how things look is super important to us as and Flodesk’s email templates look gorgeous! You can add your own brand colours and logo to keep your communications on brand.  Flodesk also offers a number of fonts, including some beautiful script fonts, along with design templates to add stunning images that break up the text and enhance your message. It makes sending and receiving emails such a fantastic experience for you and your readers. Your clients are bound to fall in love with your brand even more when they receive your stunning emails. Oh and one last design feature I can’t forget is that Flodesk have created an Instagram footer that links to your Instagram feed and pulls in your latest posts. This looks really nice on the bottom of your emails and is another way of getting your subscribers to follow you on other platforms too. So there you go, that’s my round up of the main reasons I love Flodesk! No doubt you’ll curious to check it out so don’t forget this >>special 50% off link with 30 day free trial<<. Why I switched from mailchimp to flodesk If you loved learning about one of my fave tools ever then you can get hold of my full guide to the 20 must have tools for your wedding business to discover the tools I love and use to run my business, including tools to help you take things online. Just click below to grab the FREE download. I need this! SEND ME>> Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. I only share about companies that I truly believe in and use myself so that you can discover and enjoy them too.

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