3 Magic Words To Change Your Business Forever!

These three little words have the magical power to alleviate your stress and help grow your business. Truly!


Plenty of admin tasks can be automated, which frees up time for you to focus on money-making tasks. Set up automation for your clients to send out reminders and questionnaires etc. using Dubsado. Set up labels and filters for your Gmail. Collect customer data with forms on your website. Create automated email responses with an autoresponder. Schedule your Instagram posts in advance using Tailwind. Book in client consultations using 10to8. There’s pretty much an app for everything these days.


Have you ever considered hiring a virtual team member? Complete all the automated tasks mentioned above in record time with the help of a virtual assistant. Leaving you to focus on getting clients. Another alternative is using Upwork to pay for a a few hours of an experts time. I spent weeks creating my website when I first started my business, when I could have outsourced to an expert who would have done it much quicker. Leaving me to do work that actually brought in new clients! Just because you can do a task doesn’t mean you should. A great tip is to screen record your processes on a software like Loom to show others how to do tasks with ease.


Analyse your business practices and ask yourself if there’s anything that seems archaic or that isn’t worth the time. If so get rid of it. Sometimes this is an older way of doing things, like manual bookkeeping. Just because you’ve been doing it this way for years doesn’t mean it can’t be updated or eliminated. Set aside some time to investigate new software or platforms that can automate your business or drop unnecessary tasks so you can save time and ultimately, create more revenue!

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