10 ways to move your wedding business forward (despite the Coronavirus Pandemic)

Today we’re going to look at the 10 ways to move your wedding business forward despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

With Covid-19 bringing weddings to a screeching halt, just as the busy season was about to start (feel free to insert your chosen expletive here) things are challenging to say the least for the wedding industry.

However, all is not lost.

There are things you can work on in your wedding business that will make a HUGE difference to how you come out the other side of this and not only survive but truly thrive in the future.

Earlier this week I did a quick live in my free Facebook group >>click here if you want to watch<< (just forgive me my lockdown hair!) to talk through these action steps and the positive things you can work on during this unwelcome new slow season we’ve all been catapulted into.

Let’s dive in and talk through them here….

1. Set Up a Sales Funnel.

If you previously relied on other vendors, being on venue/supplier lists and attending wedding fairs to bring in leads you will likely have seen a huge nose dive in enquiries.

I have always taught that having a way to consistently attract leads to your business that you control (i.e. not referrals or relying on word of mouth) is crucial for having a thriving wedding business. Setting up a sales funnel to generate your own leads is even more crucial right now.

To get a funnel in place start by creating a lead magnet or “freebie” (Canva is the tool I use to create mine), hook it up to an email marketing software (Flodesk is my favourite), share it and then start to nurture leads towards an online consultation and ultimately a booking with you.

It may feel like getting enquiries and bookings is not going to happen right now but don’t give up. Couples are still looking ahead to book their wedding and if you can get deposits in for 2021 and beyond you’ll keep the cash flowing in.

2. Write a Welcome Series.

Write out a client nurturing email series. This is a series of emails that builds know, like and trust and nurtures cold leads towards becoming customers. Most people skip this part and ask for the sale too early, so do this and you’ll see your conversions go up no end.

3. Create a Welcome Pack

When your clients book you what happens next? Do you have a welcome pack you can send them that wows and delights? This can include FAQ’s, your process and what happens next and is a great way to start your working relationship off with them.

4. Batch Out Your Social Media.

Social media can feel all consuming at times, right? How about batching out 30 days of content at a time? If that sounds really overwhelming, my 90 day social media prompt guide will help you do just that with over 90 days worth of STRATEGIC content prompts so you’re not just posting for postings sake. Click here to grab this now. There are over 90 days of prompts, ideas and content to get you visible, showing up and winning clients with your efforts.

5. Blog

Blogging often gets put on the back burner when we’re busy so how about writing 12 blog posts based on frequently asked questions and sent out just one a month over the next year? You’d have a year of blog posts ready to go that will get you visible and improve your SEO too.

6. Systems

Get your systems in place. When we come out of this you are going to be one BUSY bee so work on how you can free up time now! Write down the tasks you need to do for each element of your business and set up workflows. A project management system like Asana or Trello is really great for this.

7. Ask For Reviews

Your couples are likely to have more time now and will be more than willing to support small biz owners like you. Reach out and ask them to help you out by providing a review.

8. Update Your Website

Look at your website through fresh eyes, and think about your clients journey. Is it clear what you do and who it’s for in the first few seconds of landing on your site? Also consider how you capture their details so when they click away you can stay in touch. Update your images and ensure your copy is all about “what’s in it for them” rather than about you. If your copy is filled with “I” rather then “you” change that to copy that focuses on them.

9. Client Relationship Management

Set up a CRM system like Dubsado. A client relationship management tool is a fantastic tool to put in place in your business, but it does take a number of hours to set up, so use this time to get it all set up and in place. Your future self will thank you when you are super busy providing your amazing service again.

10. New Skills

Work on some new training to learn new skills and invest in your growth. Put aside an hour a day to work on skills that will help you to improve and develop whether that be personal or for business. Or maybe you’ve bought a course previously and didn’t complete it? Revisit it and use this time to catch up and go over the content again.

I hope that this list has helped you feel more positive about action you can take even now to keep your business moving forward.

Getting all your marketing and systems in place now so you have strong foundations to build on going forward will make all the difference to how you not only survive this crisis but come out of it stronger than ever!

Let me know which of the above you’re going to work on first.

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